Tips and tricks to manage the closing and delivery of your mega construction projects

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October 1, 2022

In a recent study by KPMG, it was reported that 31% of all projects came within 10% of the budget. Thing is, whether you’re a developer, an owner or a contractor, you’ve probably dealt with construction project fallout. 

You’re not alone in this. Cost and delivery errors are recurring in both developed and developing countries and they usually stem from bad planning, inefficient execution, high COPQ due to poor inspection processes, to name a few reasons.

At the moment, automating construction project processes by utilizing digitized solutions, such as eSnagging, is the best way to level up your construction projects.

What Is Causing Problems with Construction Delivery and Closing Timelines?

Across the different teams in a project, complications arise in the planning process, the execution phase as well as the finalization and delivery phase. 

Here are some of the processes that are causing these issues, thus creating delivery and cost complications.

  1. Neglecting consistent and detailed project inspection
  2. Unorganized snag reporting using hard copies and outdated systems
  3. Lack of real time visibility over what’s happening on the ground
  4. Scarcity in QA/QC information which leads to reactive work on site
  5. Poor communication between the different teams

How Has Automation Optimized Construction Planning?

To move forward, cutting-edge automation software was introduced to improve the snagging processes, which completely transformed the productivity levels in the construction industry.

Here are 5 benefits owners, consultants and contractors are enjoying:

  1. Standardizing and streamlining the inspection process
  2. Communicating updates individually or collectively in real time
  3. Digitizing snagging tickets and having them in images as well as videos
  4. Optimizing data collection and analysis processes
  5. Refining the error plotting and reporting systems 

How Onsite’s Automated eSnagging Solution Can Improve Your Construction Process

With Onsite’s eSnagging and Inspection solution, you can synchronize information in real time and communicate with all stakeholders seamlessly to digitize your inspection processes and ensure on-time delivery.

This solution can effectively transform your construction processes whether you’re an owner, a developer, a consultant or a constructor! Eventually, it’ll save you from all the delivery errors and reduce your QA costs.

Here are 5 benefits Onsite’s comprehensive AI-powered eSnagging solution will provide you with;

  1. Increased efficiency with visual snagging
  2. Advanced reporting in real-time 
  3. Ensuring the data is all saved in one place 
  4. Communicating efficiently and in a timely manner with the various stakeholders
  5. Reducing operational risk through standardization and automation of processes

The Final Word

With the digital transformation in construction, we’re witnessing an elevated level of efficiency in project execution, better structured workforce planning, and most importantly, a systematic data management strategy and communication between the different stakeholders.

If you are looking to join the era of digitization in construction, and watch your teams’ efforts get maximized, get a demo to see how Onsite can do that for you.